Trip May Be The Month Associated With The Chic Lesbian

“Funny the
14th 12 months anniversary of GirlNATION
is in later part of the September,” we crooned to my buddy Tia* the other day over one glass of oxblood-colored dark wine.

(GirlNATION, unless you know, babes, is a lesbian celebration that has been confirmed successful for 14 years. The causes behind this Sapphic occasion tend to be plainly doing things correct, for they usually have stood the brutal test of



“The Reason Why? How come that funny?” Tia asked, obviously annoyed by my boring observation.

“Because lesbians just


inside the autumn. It’s wise that a massive lesbian party might have an epic, impressive anniversary in this season. We’re so goddamn chic as a collective crowd, this time of year.” I gulped back the remainder of my personal wine and started initially to sweetly daydream of a new autumn closet.

I heard BIG BOWS are actually in —

“Well, why do you would imagine that autumn will be the season associated with the classy lesbian? What i’m saying is, actually it summer time? We’ve numerous fantastic lesbian
summer time events,
” Tia loudly challenged, disturbing my personal fashion-infused fantasy, elevating among her dense, notable eyebrows just at myself, with


“the summertime provides extensive events, but we do not look as gorgeous during the summer. Plus, the summer months brings about the riff-raff, you realize?” I yawned.

I just planned to web store for the remainder of your day! I happened to be tired from the incessant arguing with opinionated lesbians with 10,000 even more degrees than me personally.

“Riff-raff? How much does which means that? Non-New Yorkers? You are these types of a snot,” Tia spat.

“Sue myself,” I stated, moving my vision, not exactly obvious just what hell we implied me. (Occasionally I just, like, say shit.)

A couple of hours later on, once I’d blown an entire paycheck on an oversized chunky knit sweater and a huge BOW headband, I was thinking about

the reason why

fall will be the season of trendy lesbian. Here is what we created:

1. It really is leather weather condition.

No body appears sexier in a
than a
. It is inside our hereditary beauty products to appear extremely hot whenever draped in fabric, but especially when that leather is performed in the shape of a jacket. (I’m getting hot and bothered only great deal of thought!)

Offer a lesbian a leather jacket, and she will do


. She will be able to manage for workplace. She can fearlessly flirt with
any woman on bar.
She will take the advertising from the dickwad at your workplace. She will be able to take advantage of heterosexual of women question the woman sex because her leather-jacket expertise is actually universally lusted after and transcends the confines of intimate orientation.

Leather is actually our greatest look, our very own lifeline, and our reliable swag-enhancer. Within the winter, its as well cool regarding thin small leather-jacket; winter season needs a puffer (gag!) which is maybe not precious on any sex expression or intimate identification. Every person looks type of stupid in a puffer, though they’re almost certainly a necessary evil in January.

Summer, on the other hand, in New York, is actually hotter as compared to next rung of hell. As a result it requires rocking one of those tank covers that is free and cut-out reduced under the armpits, a look that really works on some lesbians, but not we all. (it seems screwing terrible on me personally.)

However. The audience is combined as a society of men and women for the complete proven fact that leather is pleasing to the eye on all lesbians. It does not matter in which we fall on the butch/femme spectrum—we’re strong, sexual, powerful creatures in LEATHER.

And leather operates perfectly inside the gorgeously clean autumn, dahlings.

2. It’s Cuffing Period.

For people that simply don’t know very well what
“cuffing season”
is actually, allow me to kindly clarify. “Cuffing period” occurs following work Day, once the summer subsides and this oh-so-familiar chill penetrates the metropolis atmosphere. ”

Oh crap, it is going to get cool eventually!

” most of us panic aloud to your friends. We pretend we are afraid of the looming cool winter weather, in reality, we’re deathly afraid of suffering another holidays


. Our company is suddenly overcome with an impenetrable longing to cozy up with a nice bae and rewatch




, with the PJ-clad figures intertwined on the chair once the snow falls


regarding Manhattan pavement.

Therefore we continue the search for a person to ~cuff~ with. Possibly it is the enjoyable, summer time booty contact we secretly need to explore, people to convey more than drunken intercourse with? Possibly it is a cute lady you’ll fulfill on the weekend on lesbian bar/
lesbian celebration
? Maybe it’s your ex lover that you’re still pining after and really should never have separated with anyway?

I don’t know exactly who it will be—all I know is that also breeders fall sufferer with the adorable attraction of cuffing season. Merely they’re not nearly as good at mastering the ability of the cuff once we are. See, lesbians (even the the majority of freewheelin’ folks) are actually proficient at diving into severe
relationships, easily
. Everyone have a hurry of cuffing season and tend to be subconsciously fighting with each other observe who is going to move from super unmarried to all the moved in and implementing cats together the quickest. We like to cuff, therefore we’re screwing brilliant at it!

The stock of U-Hauls must truly spike during the fall. Possibly it is advisable to spend?

3. Because bamboo is for dykes, daddies, femmes and queer ladies.

While flannel will look just a little shlubby inside the off-season, it appears to be classy, sweet and wildly proper come the autumn. Flannel can be so fashionable in October that even directly bitches stone it now of year, nonetheless you shouldn’t move it well like us lezzies would. Like fabric (flannel’s cool large brother), lezzies happened to be crafted by Jesus by herself to sparkle whenever adorned in plaid. We fought the compulsion to fall inside flannel-wearing lesbian label for

many years

… until… i got myself this fabulous plaid DRESS and matched it is going to slutty fishnets and suddenly believed both perverted femme and awesome lez at once! It certainly assisted to affirm my personal


4. The ferries have emerged! Everyone is finally in the town!

The rich, profitable lesbians hop on ferries and jitneys and neglect Manhattan for
Fire Isle
The Hamptons
in the summer. The students, fresh-faced baby dykes additionally visit those locations acquire jobs as bartenders and waitresses while making a shit-ton of tips off of the wealthy, and successful lesbian, exactly who enjoy looking at their particular fresh-faced gorgeousness. The college-aged lezzies return to their unhappy hometowns and experience until NYU begins support again.

Nevertheless when the foliage metamorphose from eco-friendly to silver, all those bitches come twirling back into our very own huge and beautiful town, which will be exceptional! The world is actually lively once more! The bars are humming with ladies eager to get caught up after a lengthy summer time divided! The roadways for the western Village are loaded with vegetation and leather-clad lesbians, so we all huddle exterior and smoking and talk and therefore are only so delighted because as a residential district we are so much better in


, not believe?

5. Red Wine & Country Vibes alllow for outstanding SEX.

Whenever I was actually just one lez I lived for internet dating for the autumn. Exactly Why?

Because the posh lesbian daddies indicate fantastic dates carrying out sexy shit, like apple-picking inside the

Hudson Valley,

which could usually include a velvety cup of red wine and like, a

fresh pastry.

We never liked those summer alcohol dates. I regularly grin and imagine but inside I was unhappy as I sweated and slugged straight back a vile-tasting beer on some concrete rooftop while in the ides of July. Nor perform I maintain whiskey-swilling winter months times. I blackout whenever I drink liquor, and chances are it really is freezing AF consequently i must put on a puffer, and also the minute We placed a puffer on, my vagina dries upwards.

I wish to sit in a fashionable AF lodge from inside the TRIP and gaze into a luxurious industry of brilliant lime pumpkins as I clean right back a wet piece of cake with one glass of rouge-colored vino. Which always contributes to sex. Great intercourse! Leather jacket, flannel-wrapped SEX in a cute lesbian-owned and managed inn, with a sexy grownup lez which just adopted back city after summering in Provincetown.

So if you wish start up autumn, the growing season of posh lesbian, begin it off appropriate the next day at GirlNATION.

We my self have now been to many a brutal GirlNATIONnyc party through the entire decades, and without a doubt, it certainly is a teeming water of beautiful girls bumping and grinding and
dropping in love
and getting close friends forever! The sapphic energy is powerful at GirlNATIONnyc, and that I encourage that go out of one’s disappointing house on the weekend, even although you don’t know whoever is going to be going. (i’m going to be indeed there, and that I’m the
lesbian big cousin
always down to gulp back some liqueur and take part in a chit-chat and introduce you to some sexy females!)

Successful Fall, queers.