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At IEBS, we provide customizable educational coordination, occupational consultancy,

employment support, digital marketing assistance and business guidance.


UK Tier 2 Visa

It is not child’s play to come and start a new job in the UK, especially when you are willing to do so in the cut-throat competition of the UK market. While IEBS limited assists its customers in doing an eligible job with an approved employer

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UK Start-up & Innovator Visas

Coming to the UK for starting a new business is far more challenging than the case for local residents of the country. Our consultants are thoroughly equipped with what it takes to establish a business in the UK, which is why we offer T1 start-up and innovator visa assistance. To be eligible for an Innovator Visa, you must be over the age of 18 and willing to invest £50,000 in your business, get an Endorsing Body to back up your business proposal, and ready to meet your personal financial obligations.

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You may be having trouble navigating the cumbersome UK Immigration process in order to get the correct visa for you as a businessperson. With the Innovator Visa, the work is made more difficult because accessing Endorsing Bodies and get their approval for your new business is identified to be a very tough tow to hoe.

This is where the meticulous services of IEBS come into play. Our pool of richly experienced consultants have good ties with different concerned authorities, such as Endorsing Bodies, which allows us to pitch your concept to them in a way that your idea gets approved.

 We have a strong reputation among Endorsing Bodies, which means your business concept will be given the attention it needs in order to maximise your chances of gaining a foothold of the UK market. IEBS has assisted thousands of clients to obtain Tier-1 Innovator Visas for the UK, and our experts have guided them throughout the process. The team at IEBS even helps you write your business plans and CVs that you need to present to endorsing bodies.


Start-up packages

The team at IEBS takes pride in assisting entrepreneurs to launch their businesses and start-ups in a seamless manner. IEBS provides multifaceted start-up packages to suit your individual requirements and budget. We mainly offer two types of packages: Basic and Premium. The ‘Basic’ package further has three sub-categories, including basic, special, and advanced. These packages offer business plans, web designing and development, social media presence, and SEO based content for your website, as per the start-up package you choose.

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The ‘Premium’ packages provide all these services in addition to essential documentation and manuals for a new business. All our packages promise to give your business a kick start within 48 hours. 

The team at IEBS ensures quality and speed while guiding you through every step until your business gets on its feet.

 The idea behind these packages is the realisation of hassles that entrepreneurs go through when starting their own businesses. So sign up with us today and let us take the burden of your pushing your name to the market!


Motivational Letter

Writing/revising a motivation letter to go with your UK university application.

Looking for ways to secure your admission to that dream college in the UK? Don’t neglect the worth of motivation letter. Motivation letter, also sometimes referred to as a letter of recommendation, is one of the most important aspects of your application at a UK university. It is a unique opportunity to portray your personality at a glance. It reflects the essence of your life, highlighting the events that have contributed to your career and growth. 


We at IEBS believe that a well-crafted and detailed recommendation letter helps you secure a position that would otherwise not be possible to attain. IEBS stands out from the competition by offering motivation letter writing services. All you have to do is to get in touch with our representative and furnish all your details to him. By using his professional expertise, he will craft a recommendation letter that makes sure to outshine thousands of applications.

Why is a recommendation letter needed?

A good recommendation letter can drastically change the university’s perception of you. It gives you an opportunity to rigorously explain the real reasons for middle school. It’s only this letter that allows you to uprightly acknowledge your lack of work experience while using it as a way to prove that you are the most suitable candidate for the chosen program. We, hereby, take pride in having a pool of experts who are meticulously skilled at crafting the best motivation letters for students. Whether you are planning to secure a work visa for the UK or you are seeking for a Master program in any of the top universities of the country, our service covers you up. Just fill in the form below to provide your personal credentials and let us do the rest for you!


Educational & Career Consultancy

Educational & Career Consultancy

Similar to career consultation, IEBS provides counselling and guidance to students regarding matters pertaining to education and professional growth. The company analyses the evident difficulties that students face during the course of their education and thus provides this service for adults in UK.



University & College Admission
Another important service of IEBS is providing assistance in securing university admissions for everyone who could not complete their significant degrees like BA and several important diplomas.

The company has partnered with multiple universities (see the upcoming sections) and facilitates students in securing admissions to these well-known institutions.

Student Finance Guideline
Studies report an increasing number of students getting study loans in the UK. This is because the tuition fee in UK is reaching as high a number as £9000. IEBS helps people in seeking student loans which help them secure their degree and diploma courses. 

Well-known institutes that provide funding options for studying and living in UK include Student Finance England and UCAS Funding.

Career Counselling
The primary service of IEBS is to provide career consultation to individuals who lacked educational opportunities in their lives. Although legal authorities of UK mandate high schools and colleges to ensure proper career counselling for students, the quality of this counselling is not very appealing.

This is why several students do not receive accurate career consultation, thereby wasting their valuable years of life. IEBS seeks to provide high-quality career consultation services, especially to people who failed to grasp the right educational opportunities in their life.


Affordable Staff Outsourcing

Enhancing business efficiency whilst maintaining a low-budget and still being able to benefit from tax deductions is every business owner’s dream. However, dreams do come true with IEBS’s affordable staff outsourcing solutions. Today’s digital world has dispensed with the traditional need of in-house employment and numerous business are switching to third party outsourcing facilities. 

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At IEBS, we offer cost effective staff outsourcing services to ensure that our clients’ businesses flourish and prosper without their pocket holes being burned. We help our clients by supplying to them extended staff for completion of their administrative, online and business tasks.

 We train virtual employees in Pakistan and outsource their skill sets on hourly basis to the UK. So let IEBS be your HR Manager so that you may focus on business development and propagation. Schedule a meeting with us and we guarantee that our professionalism and affordability will boost your confidence in us.


Digital Presence

In today’s age, all businesses require a digital presence, no matter how small the start-up is. It is the era of e-businesses and e-entrepreneurship, specifically after the covid-19 breakout. But with this digital era, market competition has increased a lot over the past few years. You sure need to have an effective digital presence as your brand equity, and brand engagement is dependent on it.


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Outreach of your social media profiles also needs to be as maximum as possible depending on your potential clientele. Also, ad-posting and managing social media profiles can be tricky sometimes considering the target population of your product or service. But you do not need to worry about all this anymore. Websites also require logos and slogans for your business or brand to grow. You can take the help of IEBS to deal with all your digital presence related issues and engagement with customers.

Our consultancy team at IEBS will provide you with the best possible digital media services, including social media marketing (SMM) plans, formation of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp), website design and development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website, website content creation, and query & online portals for your business. All these services are provided by our highly professional team consisting of various experts, including web developers, social media managers, SEO experts, content creators, bloggers, and article writers.


Kickstart plan for business

The success of a business/ start-up is dependent on its detailed business and marketing plans. The odds of failure get strangely low when business plans have no flaws, and marketing plans are effective and updated.

If you are new to the business world, you should know that you need detailed business proposals and long-term marketing strategies that can help your business flourish. Business/ marketing plans provide a kickstart to any business, but at the same time, flawed plans can ruin your huge investments.

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So, don’t take a risk and take the help of our professionals, who are experts at formulating business plans, marketing plans, market research reports, and business proposals.

Our key service is to develop a detailed and rigorous plan to kickstart a business.

 We do thorough market research to develop this plan so that it helps you beat the competition. Then why take the risk when you can get perfect business and marketing plans based on detailed market research about your clientele as well as competitive firms. So, tell us your requirements and get a perfect plan for initiation and promotion of your business.


UK Talent Recruitment

Hiring right person for the right job is key to any business’s success and the key to your business’s success lies with IEBS!! The IEBS team of HR professionals has carried out talent hunt, executive search and recruitment consultancy for countless corporate clients in the UK, based upon its market knowledge, business insight and best industry practices. 

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Our sector expertise helps us in finding well-qualified candidates possessing relevant aptitude and skill sets for our clients. Our result-driven passionate recruiters provide best resource solutions to suit your customized requirements rather than following the one-size-fits-all approach. 

We connect talented individuals possessing leadership qualities with top organizations to make their businesses flourish rapidly. So kick-start your search today by giving us a call!!


British School & Uni Partnership

Amidst technological advancements in the Education sector, student exchange programs have become a global trend. The exposure, self-esteem and confidence attained through foreign education has lately become a preference for young students as it enhances not just their personal development but also opens up avenues for future recruitments abroad. 

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UK has always been the primary choice for students and in this regard, many UK universities are getting in touch with student placement services and education counselors to coordinate and collaborate with universities abroad. IEBS has successfully played the role of middle-person consultancy in this regard. With our student placement section working relentlessly, we have effectively carried out student exchanges for various universities.

  If you are a UK based educational institution wishing to invite exchange students from abroad or a foreign institute interested in student exchanges from UK, IEBS will facilitate you in collaborating with most talented and qualified students from top-notch universities.


Product Launch Assistance

Launching a new product abroad amidst highly competitive market is daunting, to say the least. However, as you only launch once, hence you should make your presence felt with your launch strategy. If you are a foreign company looking to launch your products in the UK, IEBS can be your go-to specialist in this regard. 

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Using our extensive contacts and expertise, IEBS will successfully brand your product in pertinent UK trade channels. We enable you to mark your business presence in UK from as little as £100. Whether you need access to local customer service, wish to open official bank account, need assistance in company setup or require UK PayPal account, IEBS has your back.

 If you so acquire our product launch assistance, we ensure you effective accounts management services, optimum product price, lesser VAT, reduced e-commerce commissions, supportive web presence and commercial engagement with relevant customers. For a successful product launch. IEBS will identify opportunities, develop a pragmatic launch plan and outline execution guidelines for the same.


Property Acquisitions

Since 2011, IEBS has helped numerous foreign investors and individual clients to study and understand the international property market. We provide experienced property search guidance, property investment advice and skilled property negotiations in UK. So whether you are a local first-time buyer or looking to invest your money in international property market.

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IEBS will help you make the most of your money by using alternative market approaches. Our team best believes in gaining maximum profit for our clients. Our exclusive experience, education and extensive market network sets us apart from others and is a source of confidence for our clients. Our upcomming and developing projects on sale include:

  • Wapda City Faisalabad (Pakistan)
  • Sobha Heartland (Dubai)

As per our property experts, there are two ways to get started in the property market; first, by buying a to-let property in personal capacity and second, by opening an SPV company if one is looking to invest on regular basis. Moreover, many foreign buyer mortgage options may also be exploited upon meeting. At IEBS, we provide property consultation regarding commercial mortgage, SVP Limited Company mortgage, residential mortgage, buy-to-let mortgage, HMOS, offset mortgage advantages, self-build mortgage, let-to-buy, help-to-buy, bridging finance and re-mortgage. So let IEBS be your real estate partner and witness the profits rolling in!